Nidhi Bhanushali Career

WE all had a dream once, a dream to become famous. While I have a look at this woman, all I could say she's a man full of enthusiasm with no complaints in life. Her motto in life is quite apparent; she would like to excel in what she does. Dedicated Nidhi began working in this business at a really young age. When asked how she would explain herself she states she's a rounder. Nidhi is currently 14 year old and started her journey from the acting profession at age 11. When compared to other children, in her childhood itself Nidhi has achieved a great deal today. Beginning with ads and currently operating in serials, she's certainly a rising star.

Needhi Dhoker (ND)-- First of all I want to inform you, your acting is amazing and considering you working really hard it arouses many of your supporters. So when did you decide you wanted to enter acting profession?

Nidhi Bhanushali (NB)-- Well, I was 11 when I gave my initial audition which was to get an ad and now it has been 4 years that I'm in this Business